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Wendy Pyne RFC® ChFC®

Wendy is inspired to help her clients make a difference in their lives. She does this via her knowledge and experience as a Chartered Financial Consultant®, Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow®, and a Registered Financial Consultant®.


Self-described as funny, self-deprecating, honest, and direct, were she not a financial planner, Wendy would be a gym instructor, meditation guru, or travel guide. She might even own a yoga studio or spa. In fact, when asked what one thing would be impossible for her to give up, Wendy responds: “My gym membership.”


Wendy admires anyone who is creative and resourceful- people who can “make lemons into lemonade”, self-made success stories and individuals who use their gifts and talents to help humankind. The one “lesson from mom” she still lives by today is, “Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before judging.”


Speaking of someone else’s shoes, Wendy is committed to volunteering and gives of her time and talents to her community; serving on the Board of Directors for the Ashland Education Foundation as well as contributing her time to the Ashland Emergency Fund, the Ashland Food Bank and to the Ashland Girl and Boy Scouts.

When she is not in the office helping her clients, Wendy and her husband are busy raising chickens, cats, and kids (not necessarily in that order), enjoys a range of hobbies and activities, including participating in the Spartan Races, traveling, hiking, canoeing, camping, reading, weight lifting and museum browsing. Passionate about her job, her family, friends, and pets, Wendy cites adventures with her family, new experiences, membership with the Polka Dot Powerhouse and different ways of thinking as invaluable to her life, motivating her career in the financial services industry.